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14 agust - g. olmo stuppia / Signal Kommt Darkecology curated by Jessica Keller &  h28Comitè - Vernissage h19-22, Berlin, Germany


31 july - the archive take the name based on his temporary fisic space: Huttenstr.28kunstarchiv, Huttenstr.28, 10553, Berlin, Germany

4 july - Night derive, start point Hospital La Pau Square, h. 3.19 look for a white Vespa near to the fountain, Barcelona, Catalunya

16 march - Sonorized demonstration, collective opera by Movimento Milano, Milan h.15-21 Piazza 24 maggio, Italy - hosted by Lab of Sound Art -  Unvieristy of Barcelona, fine arts, 10 april h.16 room L4


19 january - Neo Ellenic, book presentation by Paul Kovinskji Rossetti, edited by Poincare h. 19 Piazza Politeama, Palerm, Italy



1 december - Installation in into the MACBA, Barcelona, permanent piece cleaned up by institutions, curated by Comitè

23 october - Kormoran Spit, Psicogeographical Vernissage on Lambrate district, Via Adelchi 2, Le Haway square, Via Valvassori Peroni, h18-3.09 , Milan, Italy

13 agust - fields derives and hidden happening, fields h.21-04.19 Ragusa, Contrada Ginestre, SS Provinciale 150 num. 79, Sicily, Italy 


11 september - Territorial border cross, Nurimberg, situazionism act, h. 16.30-4.17 Täubchenweg 67 04317, Leipzig, Germany




3 septmeber - Gothic Line|Gotenstellung , tactical historian rievocation, derive, book presentation by Partigiano Silvi Franchetti "Sparavamo per amore", ed, Poincaire/ANPIE Marche h. 19.15 Fossombrone, PU -  hosted to Benzinaio Le Mosse, Strada Provinciale 5, , Italy

23 agust - Sakura Dance Dance Dance, body as a ultimate ogm border, talking in front to PAC, Giardini Porta Venezia, Milan, hosted by Comune di Milano, Gianni Pallavincini, Zavek Kristeka, Roman Driutti

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