Praga, 31 july 2014,



Aware of the fact that the memorization process in the era of digital over-production (postmodern and post-colonial) is strictly linked to the selection process and legitimacy which allows or refutes a source to exist, or to “emerge” as told by our language; h28kunstarchiv opens its doors for the contemporary arts.

It is about contemporary arts, which are necessarily strictly connected to the post-digital.  Already operative since 2009, situated in Huttenstr. 28 since 2014, where it was born. Its scope is to constitute a space that traverses physical and visual boundaries through the production of debates on contemporary issues within the post-digital arena, verifying its development, drama “epica etnica e pathos” .

Such an institution promotes as valid any idea which has been judged from the managing committee, crossing many any boundary, and this creates a memory in two ways: an accumulation of objects and materials on a individual basis; and the production of ad hoc projects (exhibitions, publications, actions and residences).

h28kunstarciv is constituted as a permanent support, with particular attention to sources such as E-Flux, Salon Kritik, A Desk, October, Cura and more importantly the social humus of the territories it interacts with (they are mainly European, but not limited to it), it is mobile and adaptable, although it does not renounce to the concreteness of scientific research as a valid instrument in order to investigate and develop processes of learning in the contemporary visual arts.







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